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Black Bamboo is one of the most popular Phyllostachys with its canes which turn jet back with sun exposure. Interestingly, the canes are green when young, providing an interesting color contrast in the groves.
Bamboo plants shipped throughout the lower 48 via UPS in 2015
1-5 gallon containers (ranging from 1 to 6 feet in height) get the best shipping rates, while 7-25 gallon containers (ranging up to 30 feet tall) are more expensive to ship.
Phyllostachys aureosulcata 'Spectabilis' "Green Stripe" with red new shoots
The new shoots turn red with sun exposure, and the yellow canes are marked with green stripes above each branch - making this one of the most colorful bamboo varieties. This is also one of the best bamboos to grow in containers.
Many clumping bamboo species available
Clumping species can be planted in the ground without the risk of spreading. Many of the hardiest bamboos in the world are clumping species, although many of these require some afternoon shade in hotter climates. Find clumping species.

About LeBeau Bamboo Nursery

We grow more than 100 varieties of bamboo in Medford, Oregon that range from short groundcovers to towering timber species. We carry clumping bamboo species that are non-invasive, as well as runners that provide fast coverage for hedges and screens. Plants in one, two and five gallon containers are shippable to the contiguous United States, and plants up to 25 gallons are available for freight shipping. Nursery tours are available by appointment.

Visit the Nursery

Schedule an appointment to compare mature specimens in the ground and visualize your finished landscape. We'll ensure you select the best variety for your needs and help you pick out the strongest plants from our inventory.

We carry many sizes of bamboo, from small one gallon containers that are easy to transport to 25 gallon containers which can create instant groves.

Order Plants Online

Photos and descriptions are provided for each bamboo variety to help you select the best varieties for your garden. Plants in one, two, and five gallon containers can be shipped across the United States via UPS Ground. Local deliveries are available at cheaper rates in the Medford area for all container sizes, including 25 and 45 gallon plants.

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