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Online Shopping Cart Provided by LeBeau Bamboo Nursery
Set up Your Online Store in Minutes, Free
Create an account for your company and start selling online within minutes. Use our tools to manage your products and simply copy and paste a few lines of HTML to your webpages to allow your customers to buy with the click of a button. Your products will also be listed on the shopping section of our site to help new customers find you.
Automatic Inventory & Financial Record Adjustments
The real benefit to our shopping cart is that it comes with online accounting software that updates your records every time a purchase is made online. Not only does it save you time to have sales journalized automatically, but you have real-time financial reports available to make informed decisions. One of the most common reasons a small company goes out of business is from a lack of accurate financial information with which to make strategic decisions.
The online accounting program is also available for free at http://act.lebeaubamboo.com.
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