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Plant perennials to provide lush growth and contrasting color in your landscape.

Perennials are plants that come back year after year. They are usually short, ranging from only a few inches to several feet tall.

Your best uses of perennials are for beds and planting around larger shrubs.

Browse the varieties we have available now.
Grow a colorful landscape with perennial plants
Create a fast growing evergreen hedge with bamboo.

Hundreds of varieties come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and bring peace to any garden. Clumping species are non-invasive and can be planted without them taking over.

Read about how to select bamboo varieties.

Discover growing tips from plant care articles.
Create a privacy wall with bamboo
Grow trees and conifers to provide shade and woodland beauty.

Dwarf and weeping trees reach heights of six or seven feet, while Redwoods can tower up to 300 feet.

Check out some tree varieties to add to your landscape.

Browse conifers ranging in size from medium sized weeping centerpieces to towering redwoods.
Shade your yard with trees, big and small
About Our Plants
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Plant care articles will show you easy ways to grow happy plants and make your yard look better than ever. Knowing the right methods will make yard care take far less time.
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Plants are sent washed with roots wrapped and tops dry for the best results. Bamboo plants are sent in their containers.
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Best Plant Picks
Lemon Thyme
This lemon-scented herb has a fantastic aroma and beautiful yellow variegated foliage. Use it for a groundcover or grow it in containers on your patio for easy access.
Read more about this plant.
Chinese Dogwood
Bright white flowers cover the branches in mid spring on this popular Chinese Flowering Dogwood which is easy to grow and is resistant to most diseases common on dogwoods.
Read more about this plant.
Colorful Clumping Bamboo
A non-invasive bamboo species with cinnamon colored sheaths and stems that emerge purple and age to a powdery white. One of the most colorful bamboo plants on the market.
Read more about this plant.
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