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Lemon Thyme
This lemon-scented herb has a fantastic aroma and beautiful yellow variegated foliage. Use it for a groundcover or grow it in containers on your patio for easy access.
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Chinese Dogwood
Bright white flowers cover the branches in mid spring on this popular Chinese Flowering Dogwood which is easy to grow and is resistant to most diseases common on dogwoods.
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Colorful Clumping Bamboo
A non-invasive bamboo species with cinnamon colored sheaths and stems that emerge purple and age to a powdery white. One of the most colorful bamboo plants on the market.
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Bamboo Is Cold Hardy, But Also Takes High Heat

Potted Black Bamboo doing fine under snow in sub-zero weather.
Plants really get tested for extreme temperature swings at our nursery where we experience hot dry summers with temperatures well over 100 degrees and humidity at 30% or less. In the winter, our plants have also been tested with extended sub-zero temperatures. Although some bamboo species have struggled, the vast majority of them have thrived.
Here Are The Most Cold Tolerant Bamboo Varieties

Phyllostachys aureosulcata (and varieties including 'Spectabilis') hardy to -15°F, Zones 5-10. Also very heat tolerant.

Phyllostachys angusta is hardy to -15°F, Zones 5-9. Also very heat tolerant.

Fargesia murielae is hardy to -20°F or Zones 5-8, but doesn't like high heat and humidity (south east)

Fargesia nitida is hardy to -20°F or Zones 5-8, but doesn't like high heat and humidity (south east)

Fargesia denudata is hardy to -20°F or Zones 5-8, but doesn't like high heat and humidity (south east)

Fargesia rufa is hardy to -20°F or Zones 5-8, but doesn't like high heat and humidity (south east)
Bamboo Varieties - Choose Your Shape, Size, And Color
With hundreds of bamboo varieties available for cold climates (the hardiest varieties we offer tolerate -25°F just fine), and hundreds more available for tropical climates, you can find at least one bamboo variety that is perfect for almost every landscaping project. While some bamboo varieties have very upright habits and are excellent for narrow strips along walkways, others have wide shrub-like forms that are ideal for creating dense hedges or central landscape plants. The mature height also varies significantly between bamboo varieties, so whether you are looking to create an eye-level hedge or hide a three story house you can find a variety that won't need to be pruned to height. In fact, the shortest variety we offer can be used as a lawn and only grows a few inches tall, while the largest variety grows to 70 feet or more! And of course we have everything in between as well. And to top it off, as a group bamboo offers more colors than almost any other - with every major color of the rainbow present!

Bamboo Has Every Color of the Rainbow!
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