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Fall is here and now is the time to mulch your bamboo plants for the winter.

These shoots are happily emerging in the spring after being well mulched in the fall.
Adding two or three inches of compost, bark, or leaves to your bamboo groves protects the roots from extreme cold and can improve your plant's hardiness by fifteen degrees! Every now and again we all get one of those winters where temperatures dip well below normal for weeks on end. Just in case this winter ends up being extremely harsh for you, taking this extra precaution can be the difference between your plant "wowing" you with its new growth or sluggishly recovering until June.

This newly planted bamboo is surrounded by a 6" deep leaf pile. By spring the leaves will have broken down and will probably be only about one inch deep.
Plus, applying mulch to bamboo groves is the number one way to increase dark, lush foliage and impressive growth rates long term. Raked leaves are our number one recommended choice because they release the most nutrients and significantly improve the soil. Shredded bark is the next best option, but if you use this then be sure to add some slow release fertilizer in the spring because as bark decomposes it can use up some of the nitrogen in the soil. Compost is good for root development but again add a bit of fertilizer in the spring as compost typically is low in nitrogen.

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