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Clumping Bamboos

Just about everyone who gardens has, at one point or another, heard some story of running bamboos spreading and taking over entire lawns. Generally, most people would like to avoid becoming another one of these stories and by planting clumping bamboo you can be sure you won't. A clumping bamboo is guaranteed not to take over your yard because it has a different growth pattern from running bamboos.

Clumping bamboo refers to bamboo species which, by nature, do not spread long distances underground. Instead of coming up ten or twenty feet away from any existing canes, new shoots from clumping bamboos emerge next to the existing canes each year. The result is a slowly expanding clump, some species expanding as little as 1/2" per year. Some species, such as Fargesia robusta, are still considered clumpers but will expand about three inches per year - these are generally referred to as "open clumpers." The distance each clumper will expand depends on how long the rhizome neck is. There are some bamboo species, such as those in the genus Yushania, that have very long rhizome necks and are considered runners even though they have the clumping bamboo structure. As these species spread much slower than full runners, they can be a good choice for locations where some spreading is desired to fill in areas. Contact us if you have questions about open clumpers.

Clumping Bamboo Structure

Clumping bamboo species have a different rhizome system than running bamboos, which dictates how fast a bamboo can physically spread. Clumping bamboos do not have the capability of spreading vast differences, so they will never send up shoots in your neighbor's yard.

Of course, clumping bamboos have a different above-ground habit than running bamboos. Where a running bamboo will form a large grove, a clumping bamboo will form a single large bush. All the new shoots emerge from the same general location, slowly making the main clump larger and larger.

Clumping Bamboo Species

Running Bamboo Species

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