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LeBeau Bamboo Nursery      Medford, Oregon 541-499-4992

Contacting LeBeau Bamboo Nursery

Call/text: 541-499-4992
Location: Pioneer Road, Medford OR. See below about visits.

Visiting LeBeau Bamboo Nursery

A grove of Vivax Timber Bamboo at our nursery.
Tours are available to view our garden and compare mature bamboo groves in the ground, including a 50' tall grove of Vivax Timber Bamboo. We can answer all of your bamboo questions and show you how to ensure your plants succeed. We'll also help you select the best variety for your needs and pick out the healthiest plants from our inventory.

We grow around 500 plant varieties and have most of those available as potted plants year-round on our hilly and wooded nursery. However, we are often making deliveries to local homeowners, lanscapers, and nurseries so email or call us to set up an appointment just to be sure we are there to help you. You can also set a time for a future date so we can work our schedule around your availability.

Schedule an Appointment Online

Click on a time below to schedule a visit to our nursery.

Having an appointment ensures that someone is actually available to show you around our gardens and answer your questions. We are often out on delivery or away for large chunks of the day otherwise.

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Also take a look at the map below.

Plants Purchased At The Nursery Get Up To 40% Off!

We offer discounts from our online list price for plants that you purchase at the nursery, called our "we don't have to ship it" sale. More information is available here: Pick It Up Discount.

Plants in the lower section of the nursery ready for pickup. These are mostly one and two gallon plants.
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