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Ordering Plants Online

In addition to picking up plants at the nursery, you can choose from the hundreds of plant varieties online and have them delivered directly to your doorstep. Plant sizes ranging from one to ten gallon containers are available for shipping to give you a wide range of sizes. We try to get your plants pruned one more time when they are shipped to give you the best form and densest branching possible but this is not prudent at certain times of the year. Even though it is difficult to prune your plants hard in their first few years, they do much better when pruned and will branch much more heavily and actually grow a lot faster. Read about pruning in our plant care section.

A one gallon Coral Bells 'Plum Pudding' - one gallon plants like this ship year-round.
To place an order online, find the plant varieties you are interested in and add them to your cart. You can browse varieties by category or use the search feature at the top of every page to find what you are looking for. Each variety has a description and some pictures to provide you with information about the plant. At the top of each plant's page is a "next" or "previous" button where you can navigate through the whole catalog.

Shipping Seasons

One gallon sizes of most plant varieties can be shipped year-round while larger sizes often do better shipped when dormant. Most two and five gallon plants can only be shipped in fall-spring but there are exceptions. Of course, some species only ship well when dormant regardless of size so these are only available for fall/spring shipments. On every plant page next to 'Add to Cart' you will see either 'Ships in Fall/Spring' or 'Ships Year-Round' for each size offered. Plants that ship year-round can be ordered and shipped at any time of the year, but if you are not ready you can delay shipment until fall or spring. Plants that ship only in the fall or spring can also be ordered at any time of the year to reserve yours but we will hold them and ship in the fall or spring when they are ready. If you place an order in summer with varieties that can be shipped year-round as well as some that can only be shipped in fall/spring, you will be given the option to hold the entire order until fall or split it into two shipments.

How Your Plants Are Shipped

Each type of plant has different needs and so of course we utilize many different shipping methods. Bamboo plants need to be shipped in their containers to avoid root damage and so they are wrapped individually and covered in paper to keep the soil from falling away. Each plant is strapped to the bottom of its box so that even if the package is dropped they won't shift around and break. These boxes almost always go by UPS or FedEx.

These bamboos are wrapped and in their single plant shipping boxes. When the box is sealed a piece of flex tape will be run over the pot to secure the plant tightly to the bottom.
Perennials, shrubs, and trees are removed from their container and the soil is carefully washed away. The plants are then bundled, wrapped in damp paper and plastic, and secured into tight fitting boxes. One gallon plants of most species can be shipped during the summer without stress this way, but most larger plants using this method prefer to wait until they go dormant. We have a lot of shipping experience under our belts that is used to determine which plants can be shipped under which method for the best performance. We put the health and safety of the plants first because we are financially responsible for sending replacements if they don't make it. You can read more about our full plant guarantee at the bottom of this page.

These plants have been wrapped and will now be dipped in water. Large bundles of plants can be shipped in a single long box.

Your plants are placed in tight fitting boxes and strapped to the box so they don't move around and sustain damage. These are 3' tall Coast Redwoods.
Read More About How Your Plants Are Shipped

Shipping Costs

Right now we are offering flat rate shipping of $8.49 per shipment and free shipping on orders over $75. We cover the costs of any replacement plants being sent from previous orders so if you have plants you want to get in the same shipment as a replacement let us know and you'll get free shipping.

What We Look For When Picking Out Your Plants

We select the plants that have produced the most new growth after being potted into their container as this represents a healthy root structure. We also look for plants with denser foliage and more canes. We always select plants that we personally would want to receive in the mail, and our eye for strong plants is well practiced!
These plants are covered by our
Your plants will arrive healthy or be replaced, no hassles.
We guarantee that our plants will arrive healthy and without significant damage from transport. Please open your plants as soon as they are received, water them well, and keep them in a shady spot until they dealt with. If any of the plants are damaged, please contact us within 15 days and we will get you a replacement sent out shortly. We certainly don't want you to be stuck with unhealthy plants. We do not guarantee plants that have been damaged after being received for not being watered, being left out in extreme cold or heat, or left in the box after delivery for an extended period of time.

Extended Plant Warranty
In some situations we do extend our plant warranty over 15 days. For example, deciduous plants that are shipped during the winter do not have leaves, so noticing damage is difficult. If plants don't leaf out in the spring we will still replace them. Additionally, some plants require an active bud for new growth (such as bamboo propagated from rhizome cuttings, or Dahlia bulbs) and are not able to regenerate a new bud if all the existing buds are damaged. Determining that a plant is not viable may take a year or more, so plants in this situation will be included in the extended warranty. If you have an issue with your plants, don't hesitate to ask us for help - chances are we have encountered it before and will know what to do.

Feel free to contact us at any time with your questions, we are always happy to help!

We cannot accept return plants due to state pest and disease regulations. However, if you are unsatisfied with the plants you receive please contact us - we will issue a refund or send replacements for plants that do not fit the description within reason. Plant sizes will vary but we guarantee that all plants will be well rooted and established into their container unless otherwise noted and large enough to fill that container (i.e. you won't receive a plant that should be in a 4" pot as a one gallon plant). Refunds or replacements will be issued for damaged plants.

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