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Planting Bamboo and Site Preparation

Posted on April 1st, 2014 by LeBeau Bamboo Nursery in Bamboo Care and Maintenance

Planting Bamboo

Although planting bamboo is simple, there are several important steps to keep in mind, as there are several differences between bamboo and other plants. The primary difference is that the root ball should not be torn apart during planting. Bamboo roots and rhizomes grow only during certain times of the year and won't heal like vegetable or flower roots. Bamboo can be planted any time of the year, however some seasons are better than others. Spring and fall are the best seasons for planting bamboo, while summer is less ideal. If planting in the summer, make sure to water your new bamboo more frequently than usual. Planting in the winter if fine for mild climates, but for colder areas it is probably better to keep the potted plant in a protected area until early spring.

Planting Steps

• Once you have purchased your bamboo and selected the site, dig a hole slightly deeper than the height of the pot and about twice the diameter.
• Apply two to four inches of mulch to the bottom of the hole. This can be raked leaves, cut grass, wood chips or other organic material. This allows for better drainage and provides nutrients to keep the plant healthy.
• Mix the better soil that was set aside with mulch or potting soil. The ratio should be about 50-50.
• Remove the bamboo from the container. Be careful not to damage any root or rhizome structures, and watch for any emerging shoots as they are very fragile. Avoid planting bamboo during that species' shooting season.
• Place the root ball into the hole and orient it in a way that looks best. Do not separate or spear the root ball.
• Begin using compost or loose soil to fill in the hole up to the top of the root ball. Don't bury the root ball any deeper than it was in the container.
• Use any extra soil to build a mound around the plant.
• Place two to four inches of mulch, such as compost, manure, or leaves, around the plant.
• Soak the ground well and water with a sprinkler for several hours. Water the plant more frequently than normal for the first three weeks, especially if planted in the summer.

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