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Selecting Bamboo Varieties

Posted on June 15th, 2014 by LeBeau Bamboo Nursery in Bamboo Care and Maintenance

Selecting Bamboo

Before purchasing a bamboo plant, you need to make sure you have selected a variety that will work for you. There are hundreds of bamboo species, all thriving in different environments and each with its own special qualities. Some grow very large, some have intriguing coloration, and some varieties of bamboo have unusual appearances.

Factors to Consider

Sun Exposure - While some bamboo varieties will grow in either sun or shade, others need a specific aspect. Bamboos planted in shade which require full sun will not grow to full height and will often be thin in nature, while shade-lovers planted in sun will be burned and have a dead, dry appearance.

This bamboo thrives in full sun.

This bamboo thrives in dappled shade.

Maximum Height - Each bamboo variety reaches a different maximum size. While some will grow to only a few feet in height, others will reach 70 or more feet.

A plant currently at 35' in height.

A mature plant at 12' in height.

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