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About Wholesale Accounts

All of our plants, including bamboo, conifers, hardwoods, srubs, perennials, and ferns are available at wholesale prices. Typically we require a $500 minimum on a buyer's first order to establish wholesale pricing. There are no required order minimums on subsequent (great for small growers and supplemental mid-season orders) but larger orders get better shipping rates per plant. Wholesale pricing is available to landscapers, retailers, growers, and others in the plant trade. Plants are available for pickup at our location in Medford, Oregon but we also ship to the lower 48 states - shipping is charged at cost.

Placing Wholesale Orders

Orders can be placed online here: Wholesale Price and Availability List. Plants are listed in alphabetical order with pricing and availability, add the quantities desired and then click 'Next: Shipping' on the control bar. No payment information is collected to submit a wholesale order until we confirm availability and estimate the shipping costs, at which point you will receive an online invoice. You can make changes to your order before it is shipped but cancellations or large reductions in order size right before shipping can result in a restocking fee of 20%.

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Before ordering be sure to read the section on sizes and shipping below.

Plant Sizes and Shipping

Most plants are sold by their container size, usually starting at one gallon pots. Bamboo plants are shipped in their containers while most other types of plants are shipped bare root. Because these plants are container-grown they tend to have much more root mass than field-grown plants as a lot of roots are cut off when digging plants from the field.

Shipping is charged at actual cost plus $5 per box for packing materials. Bamboo plants are shipped in their container and so add more to the shipping cost than other types (so most growers stick with one gallon sized bamboos). Normally a one gallon bamboo will fill a two gallon container by early summer, and a two gallon plant will completely fill in a five gallon container. Some fast growing species such as Phyllostachys species can be potted directly from a one gallon container into a five gallon container and fill the pot in one growing season. Bamboo plants ship for the same rate year-round and can be shipped at any time of the year.

Non-bamboo plants have much cheaper delivery costs than bamboos but can be more picky about when they can be shipped. One gallon sizes of many species ship year-round but the primary shipping season is from mid-November until the end of March. During this dormant shipping season rates are much lower and you can also ship much larger plants than during the summer.

You should expect to pot our plants into at least one standard container size larger than what we grow them in. For example, a one gallon plant should go into at least a two gallon pot but will usually fill out a five gallon container within one season. A two gallon plant should go into at least a five gallon pot but should fill out a seven gallon container, and a five gallon plant should go into a ten or fifteen gallon pot.
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